Thursday, March 19, 2009

PCSians93 Fund Update

herewith is an update on our reunion fund.
thanks to joanne ponce for preparing this.

pcsians93 fund summary:

details date amount

start-up budget 1/31/2009 3,500.00
donation - michael pulgo 3/9/2009 4,815.00
total as of 3/10/09 8,315.00

ticket sales 3/14/2009 5,000.00
donations - racquel lampaya & theresa ting
3/14/2009 15,000.00

total as of this report 3/18/2009 28,315.00

* 20K have been deposited to bdo last monday, march 16.


1) P1000 c/o Rhoel Roxas, ticket sales, anthonette velarde-arjona
& jaquiline ramos-fresto
2) donations from alexie maniego P3500 and Nick Lanuzo P500.
(P800 to be deducted for tarp & ticket printing) c/o ed marquez
3) donation SGD100 from joan & mike manalo for forex c/o j. ponce

ticket sales:

name date control#
anthonette velarde-arjona 0001
jaquiline ramos-fresto 0002
annabelle guardacasa-almacen 3/14/2009 0003
augustus castaneda 3/14/2009 0004
joanne ponce 3/14/2009 0005
hazel joy abat-santos 3/14/2009 0006
candice villar-tolentino 3/14/2009 0007
teresa ting-fortuna 3/14/2009 0008
jaqueline sagun-gonzales 3/14/2009 0009
lisette marcelino-cuevas 3/14/2009 0010
raquel lampaya-velaso 3/14/2009 0011
rea salonga-santos 3/14/2009 0012

Sunday, March 15, 2009


our 2nd get together/meeting was held last night, march 14, 2009 at edralyn marquez's place in east rembo.

salamat sa lahat ng nagpunta!!!
total attendees:30 (marissa, lalane, glenda, vernette, candice, theresa, lindsay, cary, orlie, racquel, arnold, nino, steve, jordan, wilson, augustus, joanne, odonel, pia, rea, jacqueline, jocelyn, annabelle, michael, joan, edralyn, archie, rhoel, lauro)

tickets are now available for our homecoming celebration. you can contact any of our POC's

st. andrew- lauro alcantara 09189384356
st. sebastian- edralyn marquez 09063744258
st. dominic- pia nina cordero-mccormick- 09279741998
st. augustine- lindsay perez 09204963789
st. joseph- joanne ponce 09209072151
st. thomas- luis marcelo (wala cel para di mahanap ng asawa- landline 7073476 email- lafm76@yahoo. com
st. therese- lyra pabillano-abat 0918 945 5541
pcsians89- archie esguerra 09273116119

ticket price- Php 500

we have decided to come up with sponsor tickets worth Php 2000. wala naman pilitan sa pagbenta ng tikets na to (pwersahan lang!!!) don sa mga batchmates natin dyan who can afford to pay more can get the tickets. we will be inviting some of our elementary and high school teachers and the money collected from these tickets will be used for that. the ticket is good for 2, so kung medyo mabigat yung 2000 for you puede 2 kayo batchmate natin ang kumuha non at tig 1000 kayo.

this homecoming is non profit, pero whatever extra amount we will be collecting will be donated to the elementary and high school department. salamat sa mga batchmates natin na nagbigay ng donations. special thanks to michael pulgo and racquel lampaya velasco. yung mga gusto magpadala ng donation, check out our blogs for details.

may proposal na gagawa tayo ng commemorative shirt for our homecoming. the proceeds for this will be added to our donation para sa school. what do you think? baka meron kayo idea dyan for a shirt design, just let us know.

the ticket sales and total funds we have will be posted by joanne asap.

nakakatuwa na madami first timer na sumama sa meeting natin last night. si michael and joan came all the way from the airport to our meeting, thanks guys!!! hope to see more of you in our next get/together meeting. just a little recap, after the meeting at ed's place we went to lizette marcelino's bar in pateros where we stayed till 4am. after that di pa din kami natinag, we went to raquel's place para mag coffee at kumain ng cake.., hehehe. 530am na kami nakauwi.

yung mga di pa kasali sa yahoo group natin pls join at

you can add us to your friendster at
yan muna for now. we'll inform you guys when the next get together/meeting will be.

see you again soon!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2nd Get-together meeting

Dont forget our 2nd get together/meeting on Saturday, March 14, 2009 7pm at Ed's house, 132-A 6th avenue East Rembo, Makati City. Please bring your old elementary and high school pictures so we can have them scanned. Potluck po to. We're also going to start our collection for our tickets (Php500). Here's a detailed map of Edralyn Marquez's house. See you there!!!