Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bank Transfer Procedures

Below are the procedures for sending your donation and contribution to our reunion. We've received inquiries and pledges na kasi especially from batchmates who are overseas.

Should you have other inquiries, please e-mail Ms. Joanne Ponce




For those who are interested to send their contributions and donations to our reunion, please e-mail Joanne Ponce (, cc: Annabelle Guardacasa-Almacen (, and Archie Esguerra (

Details of Joanne's account will only be sent to sincere and serious donor/s and contributor/s only.

After transfer has been made, please e-mail us the details of your transfer. (A scanned copy of your deposit slip or proof of transfer would help us in the validation)

We will be sending confirmation via e-mail once transfer has been validated.

A report of your donation/contribution will be included in our regular updates for everyone’s information.

Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


hi batchmates!!!

last feb 15, nag meet kaming mga poc natin re our reunion. here's what we talked about:

it's official, our homecoming is on May 9, 2009. This is not just for pcsians93 but also for the elementary class of 1989. so if you are a pcsians89 or you know some of our batchmates na graduate ng pcs nung 1989 na hindi nag high school sa pcs please inform them na kasama sila sa kasayahan natin.

we are going to invite our elementary and high school teachers. we're currently making a list of all the teachers. please inform us kung meron kayong particular teacher na gus2 makita. pls email us kasi baka makalimutan din namin ung iba na ma include sa list.

the design for our streamers and tickets has been finalized. we'll have it before the end of february courtesy of mr. edralyn marquez. thanks ed!!! yung mga streamers natin will be posted asap. nag assign na kami ng mga key areas para lagyan nito.

isa sa napagusapan is about the promotion/advertising of our reunion. we will have announcements made sa mga simbahan sa pateros, tagig, pasig and makati. kung meron dyan mga "church people" who can help us facilitate this will be very much appreciated. kung meron kayo mga kakilala na puede makatulong sa promotion (tv,radio,newspaper etc) pls let us know.

please send us your elementary and high school pictures. gagawa tayo ng avp. sana makumpleto natin ung mga class pictures from kinder to 4th yr hs. paki upload na lng sa public photos ng friendster site natin.

magkakaroon uli tayo ng mini get together sa march. invite as many batchmates as you can. we are going to start the collection for our tickets sa get together natin. ticket price Php500. details and venue will be announced soon.

kung meron tayo dyan batchmate na willing mag sponsor or ung mga abroad na gustong magpadala ng remittance is very much appreciated. just email us for the details.

for more updates pls join our yahoo group

yun muna for now. if you have any comments and suggestions paki email lang po. thanks!!!

See you soon!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

PCSians93 start-up fund

As mentioned in the minutes of our 1st get-together/meeting last January 31, 2009 at Joanne Ponce's place, we have made a voluntary collection for our start up funds which will be used for ticket printing and our tarpaulins. The total amount collected was Php 3500. The list of batchmates who generously gave donations are listed below. As previously agreed, the amount collected will be returned as soon as we have collected the funds from our ticket sales. After consultation with Anabelle Guardacasa-Almacen, fellow classmate and batchmate and an employee of BDO, we have decided to keep the money in the personal account of Ms. Joanne Ponce. Opening an account with our batch as account name (ie: PCS Batch93 or PCSians93) would require us to register the said name with the bank as an organization, with set of officers and bylaws, etc... this will be too tedious for an account which we will be keeping for a few months only. We will be very transparent with our finances and we will update you guys with any expenses we may have. Please join our yahoo group here so you can receive regular updates. We will set-up a procedure for batchmates abroad who wish to give their donations, or contributions. Thanks in advance!!!

peachy lopez-vargas 100
glenda david 100
lalane lucas 100
marissa ambrosio-vallejo 200
vernette pacan 100
lindsay perez 100
lauro alcanatra 100
christopher gamet 100
christmas san juan 100
arminda directo 100
alma capco 100
jacquiline ramos-fresto 100
eda araneta 100
pia cordero 100
rea salonga 100
edralyn marquez 100
odonel arceo 100
bob esperanza 100
rhoel roxas 250
archie esguerra 250
glenda valencia-manosca 100
luis marcelo 100
glyne cajuday 200
jacqueline sagun 200
irvin yuzon 100
augustus castaneda 100
joanne ponce 100
elton gabriel 100
elpidio umilde 100

total amount collected= Php 3500

Our Alumni homecoming letter request

February 12, 2009

Rev. Fr. Orlando B. Cantillon
Pateros Catholic School

Cc: Mrs. Preciosa G. Landrito
High School Department

Most Rev. Fr. Orlando B. Cantillon,

The PCSians Grade School Graduating Class of ’89 and High School Graduating Class of ’93 will hold its first homecoming. This is an exciting event for all of us and there is no better place to hold this memorable occasion than in our Alma Mater. We all would like to go back to reminisce and ponder on the roots of our successes.

In this regard, we would like to request your good office to allow us to use the school grounds on Saturday, the 9th of May, 2009 form 6:00PM to 12:00AM. We also would like to take this opportunity to invite you and all our teachers and mentors to join us celebrate our homecoming.

Not only that we will see all our classmates, friends and teachers, but we would like our simple get together be of cause. This event is non-profit. However, all funds raised will be gladly donated to both the Grade School and High School departments. We are hoping that in our own way, we’ll be able to give back to our beloved Pateros Catholic School.

We are hoping that you will grant our request. Thank you very much for your unending support and may the good Lord bless you, your office and Pateros Catholic School more continued success.

Respectfully yours,

Rhoel V. Roxas
VI – Love
IV – St. Andrew

Jose Archilles Esguerra
VI – Love
IV – St. Joseph

Thursday, February 12, 2009

PCS Today

Wanna know how PCS looks like now? Here's a short video of our alma mater today.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pateros, Washington

Akalain mo may Pateros din pala sa USA. According sa wikipedia...

Lake Pateros, Washington

Pateros was originally established as Ive's Landing in around 1896 by Lee Ives. Ives began farming the area near the confluence of the Methow and Columbia Rivers, with around 50 teepees of Native Americans and 20 Chinese miners also inhabiting the area. The first post office was built in 1895.

Pateros, Wa city hall

In 1900, Charles Nosler acquired most of the townsite. He renamed the town to Pateros, after a city in the Philippines he previously visited. In 1903, the city consisted of four commercial establishments and nine residences and the town was sold to J.C. Steiner. Steiner vigorously promoted the town, making Pateros the principal rail shipping point between Oroville and Wenatchee. Pateros was officially incorporated on May 1, 1913.

Wells Dam was constructed on the Columbia River several miles downstream from Pateros in 1967. Wells Dam is one of the many hydroelectric dams present on the upper Columbia River including Grand Coulee Dam, Chief Joseph Dam, Rocky Reach Dam, Rock Island Dam, Wanapum Dam, and Priest Rapids Dam. The reservoir created by the Wells Dam is named Lake Pateros and flooded much of the original city.

For more picture click here

Monday, February 2, 2009

PCSians93 get together

Here's a picture slide of our get together held at Joanne Ponce's place last January 31, 2009.

Minutes of the meeting

hi batchmates!!!

konting review ng mga napagusapan natin sa 1st meeting natin last january 31, 2009

-opening prayer led by mr. christopher gamet

-hosts: lauro alcantara, rhoel roxas and elton grabriel

-total number of attendees: 29 ( peachy, eda, vernette, lindsay, lalane, glenda, christmas, jacquiline, alma, arminda, elton, marissa, glenda, augustus, bob, glyne, jacqueline, rea, pia, odonel, christopher, lauro, archie, rhoel, luigi, edralyn, joanne, irvin and elpidio- na past 12 midnight na dumating)

-all sections are represented. pero since late si elpidio dumating wala IV-1 during the meeting.

-each section has a Point of Contact (POC)

st. andrew- lauro alcantara 09189384356

st. sebastian- edralyn marquez 09063744258

st. dominic- pia nina cordero-mccormick- 09279741998

st. augustine- lindsay perez 09204963789

st. joseph- joanne ponce 09209072151

st. thomas- luis marcelo (wala cel para di mahanap ng asawa- landline 7073476 email-

st. therese- c/o archie esguerra muna while were looking for a poc 09273116119
pls contact them for the tickets

-POCs please take note of the contact info of other POCs para madirect nyo ung batchmate natin sa contact person ng section nila

-ticket price per batchmate Php 500 (kung magasawa parehong PCSians93 doble bayad kung isasama asawa na hindi PCSians93 doble din.., hehehe)

-it was agreed na lahat ng suppliers natin will be outsourced para wala ma accuse of profiteering.

-voluntary collection was made for our initial funds

-Joanne Ponce is our appointed treasurer (amt collected will be posted by her)

-funds collected will be used to print out tickets and for billboards. pag nakakolekta na tayo ng money saka natin ireimburse

-meron tayong mga batchmates na nag pledge na ng mga sponsorship sana madami pang iba. yung mga batchmates natin dyan na nasa abroad are very much welcome na magpadala ng remittance. Thanks in advance!!!

-whatever extra amt we will collect will be used para sa school project for PCS. di pa lang alam kung ano ibibigay natin. ung last batch na nag reunion ang project nila is plasma tv (sosyal!!!) nakalagay daw sa classroom ng st. therese

-we agreed na catered ang food natin ( ayaw nyo na talaga ng naka styrofor?)

-di pa napagkasunduan kung kanino magpa cater pero we will check ung caterer na madalas mag service sa pcs which is bing cruz and ung blue petals.

-nagpunta ko pcs kanina. i met with glenda valencia-manosca (guidance counselor ng elementary dept). we talked to ms marcelino and mrs landrito. tentative date of our reunion is MAY 9, 2009. un ung available kasi may retreat na mga teachers. gagawa na ko letter and babalik ako within the week sa pcs para maformalize and maconfirm na natin. save the date!!!

- POCs will have another meeting pero wait na lng muna kung kailan. i'l keep you posted

-ung mga hindi pa kasali sa yahoo group natin please join at

thanks sa lahat ng pumunta sa 1st get together meeting natin. we'll have more get togethers before the grand reunion. email and text na lang tayo ulit. hope mas madami pumunta. kitakits!!! god bless.