Saturday, February 14, 2009

PCSians93 start-up fund

As mentioned in the minutes of our 1st get-together/meeting last January 31, 2009 at Joanne Ponce's place, we have made a voluntary collection for our start up funds which will be used for ticket printing and our tarpaulins. The total amount collected was Php 3500. The list of batchmates who generously gave donations are listed below. As previously agreed, the amount collected will be returned as soon as we have collected the funds from our ticket sales. After consultation with Anabelle Guardacasa-Almacen, fellow classmate and batchmate and an employee of BDO, we have decided to keep the money in the personal account of Ms. Joanne Ponce. Opening an account with our batch as account name (ie: PCS Batch93 or PCSians93) would require us to register the said name with the bank as an organization, with set of officers and bylaws, etc... this will be too tedious for an account which we will be keeping for a few months only. We will be very transparent with our finances and we will update you guys with any expenses we may have. Please join our yahoo group here so you can receive regular updates. We will set-up a procedure for batchmates abroad who wish to give their donations, or contributions. Thanks in advance!!!

peachy lopez-vargas 100
glenda david 100
lalane lucas 100
marissa ambrosio-vallejo 200
vernette pacan 100
lindsay perez 100
lauro alcanatra 100
christopher gamet 100
christmas san juan 100
arminda directo 100
alma capco 100
jacquiline ramos-fresto 100
eda araneta 100
pia cordero 100
rea salonga 100
edralyn marquez 100
odonel arceo 100
bob esperanza 100
rhoel roxas 250
archie esguerra 250
glenda valencia-manosca 100
luis marcelo 100
glyne cajuday 200
jacqueline sagun 200
irvin yuzon 100
augustus castaneda 100
joanne ponce 100
elton gabriel 100
elpidio umilde 100

total amount collected= Php 3500

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